your friendly neighborhood hair shoppe


meet our #fleetstreetfam



Always caffeinated, Ana enjoys rescuing creatures (her babies are named Poppy, Mylo, and Mr. Pickles) and hanging out in nature. A big fan of design in general--  interiors, hair, art-- she loves some good detail.

"I hope they serve tacos in hell."


If something is covered in a floral print, Katelyn will love it. She has three pets-- the oldest of which is a regular at Chevy Chase Inn. No joke. 

"Guys. Seriously. I am not a die hard Rusted Root fan. I just like their early stuff a lot." 


Fun fact: Jess was the very first person hired here at Fleet Street. Mountain climbing, aerial yoga, painting, sketching, and farming are just some of her many skills. 

"Jess can do three months' worth of stuff in two days." -Ana


Being someone who enjoys exploring nature, it's fitting that Bobby loves working with a product line that is naturally sourced and environmentally friendly. Color is his absolute favorite.

"Brunch is the most important meal of the day."


Hanson is still alive and well and Tiff can tell you all about it. She can also tell you about her crossbow or how she super loves doing bridal hair and makeup or about her latest gym routine.

"I like yarn... to make stuff with."


Her home is filled with Mario paraphernalia, rescue kitties, and soothing death metal. We look forward to unveiling the Tiny Kitchen empire she's building with Tarah. One day. For now, Tara will keep performing magic on brows-- she loves them all, but folks with trichotillimania hold a special place in her heart.



She may look like Katy Perry, but don't get it twisted, Tarah is J-Lo deep down inside. She gives a fierce blowout and can offer fierce fashion and interior decor advice. 

"Wahhhh! I don't want to write a bio!"


Need a random fact? Mars has lots of 'em. Why is she always wearing combat boots? Snakes rarely strike 2" above the ankle. Duh. Her wonderful cat, Iris, is an only child and sat alongside Mars as she learned to knit via YouTube videos.




Being a true Southern Belle, Nikki is skilled in the ways of casserole-making and cross stitch. After twelve years in this industry, she loves both long hair and pixies (it's complicated). Ask to see pics of her tiny princess dragon. You won't regret it.